About online resources

Living with a health condition such as dysautonomia can be quite stressful and often presents many life challenges. Thus, patients and family members sometimes go to great extremes to find online resources (without regard to their quality or professionalism).  Patients and family members sometimes dwell in online social communities (without regard to the professionalism of the community’s management or to the mind-set created by the community).  Uncertified web sites, forums, and information can be quite risky business for dysautonomia patients to delve into.  We recommend sticking to certified, professionally endorsed sites and resources and maintaining balance in all aspects of your life (including the amount of time spent online).

Keeping focus and maintaining balance

It is very easy to unknowingly allow for a health condition to become the main focus of someone's life. Patients often need to remind themselves that they should gain their identity (both the online identity and their in person identity) from being who they are - not having the illness that they have.  Realizing that helps you keep things in perspective.

Youth of today are constantly immersed in technology that promotes nonstop communication and instant gratification.  In many ways, technology has negatively influenced the social interactions of today's youth.  It isolates the individual, hinders in person communication, and perpetuates the idea of immediate ­satisfaction.  Excessive Internet usage can have an impacting negative effect on social, mental and physical health.  Beware of the Internet - it can be harmful to developing a healthy mindset and can hinder your recovery process if not utilized properly.

You will find that DYNA limits our resource links on purpose.  We want to direct you to accurate, reliable, trustworthy, professional information.  We want you to learn about your condition and get on with living your life.  We don’t want you on the Internet more waking hours than you interact in person with your family members and local friends.  When you are on the Internet we want you on quality sites that promote hope and recovery.  We highly recommend that you concentrate your online activities for quality over quantity and maintain a healthy balance in your online activitites.

Please be sure to read our web site from front to back! 

DYNA materials

The below resources have been produced for our newly diagnosed patient population specifically by DYNA. 

DYNA patient notebook documents

Specifically designed by DYNA for patients, these useful little pages can be printed out and put in a three-ring binder.  Use them to keep track of doctors' vists and sleeping habits. 

    • DYNA's Good Night Notebook Page -- helps you fight insomnia by keeping track of your sleeping habits.  Fill them out every night before bed to develop a nighttime routine!

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