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About DYNA's Youth Ambassador Program


What is the youth ambassador program?

The Youth Ambassador Program is a very unique PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY program that connects young people diagnosed with dysautonomia conditions via a PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY ONLINE FORUM. 

DYNA YOUTH AMBASSADORS are young people who wish to share a healthy attitude,  support each other and act as agents of the DYNA organization.

Youth must join before the age 27. Once they become a DYNA Youth Ambassador they can remain in the program for life or they can resign at any time that they wish.  Many of our Youth Ambassadors are so passionate about helping those that come after them that they remain in the program. Our membership consists of young newly diagnosed patients and of experienced patients that are now young adult doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists, lawyers, bankers and every other career that you can imagine. 

DYNA serves everyone with dysautonomia through our main office (no matter what age) - but our Youth Ambassador Program is specifically for young people who wish to connect via a Private Members Only Forum, represent DYNA as Ambassadors of the organization and be part of a team awareness effort. 

Youth Ambassadors are amazing and caring young people who are helping each other and making a difference in the world!

A DYNA Youth Ambassador is a representative, agent and steward of the DYNA organization.

According to the official dictionary definition:  An “ambassador” is:  an official envoy, a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited as a representative. An authorized messenger. 

The DYNA Youth Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for youth/young adult dysautonomia patients to:

  • Serve as an Ambassadors for the DYNA organization according to the definition stated above.
  • Turn a time of crisis into a time of growth, strength, and meaning.
  • Discover the healing power of helping others through active participation in the Youth Ambassador Private Members Only On-line Forum and DYNA activities and events.
  • Utilize DYNA Awareness Campaigns to: promote awareness/research/support for DYNA, its Youth Ambassadors and youth onset dysautonomia conditions.
  • Represent the DYNA organization and dysautonomia conditions in dignified, responsible, respectful manner.
  • Share and promote an attitude of perseverance, resilience, and determination in spite of medical obstacles and hardships.
  • Receive responsible mentoring from the qualified sources within DYNA.
  • Boot camp for recovery (work hard during the recovery process).
  • Build coping skills.
  • Improve their potential.
  • Live their recovery not their illness.
  • Celebrate life.

DYNA Youth Ambassadors connect with and support one another via a Private Members Only online forum where they have the opportunity to share the process of living a successful life while pursuing their recovery. 

They are invited to an Annual Private Membership only conference each summer to meet each other in person, learn about their conditions, build their coping skills, and celebrate their service to the DYNA organization.  This safe, intimate conference has been held since 2000 and is endorsed as the "best conference for youth and young adult onset patients" by the top physicans in the dysautonomia community.

The DYNA Youth Ambassadors Program is not

  • NOT a place to hold pity parties.
  • NOT a place to promote drama.
  • NOT a place to endorse alternative or controversial treatment options.
  • NOT a place for individual self-promotion.
  • NOT a place to solicit.
  • NOT a place for those who do not want to participate on a regular basis.
  • NOT a place for those who do not want to reach out to others.
  • NOT a place for those who just want to attend DYNA's Patient/ Caregiver Conference.
  • NOT a place for Internet dating relationships or teen popularity contests.


What DYNA Youth Ambassadors do

DYNA Youth Ambassadors support the mission of the organization by:

  • Providing support to other patients via our private Internet Forum.
  • Organizing awareness and fundraising events for DYNA via projects of their choice.
  • Advocating on behalf of the DYNA organization and dysautonomia conditions.
  • Spreading accurate information, awareness and publicity of the DYNA organization and dysautonomia conditions.
  • Promoting public initiatives in support of DYNA and dysautonomia conditions.
  • Encouraging reliable and accurate information of dysautonomia conditions.
  • Representing DYNA and dysautonomia conditions in a productive manner.


Respect for policies is required

Membership to the DYNA Youth Ambassadors Program comes with rewards and obligations. This very special volunteer program has stringent privacy policies and follows strict Internet safety rules.  This program is very highly respected in the dysautonomia medical community.  Involved Youth Ambassadors can earn community credit hours via this program.


If you meet the above criteria

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